The Best Ways to Market Your Santa Rosa Home

A good marketing strategy will get your Santa Rosa rental home leased quickly to great tenants. This is important because every vacancy day is an expense, and you want to minimize the amount of time your investment is unoccupied. 

There are a lot of ways to market a rental property. Many people turn to social media and others put up a yard sign. In order to reach the largest possible pool of tenants, you need to use several different strategies that involve technology and responsiveness. 

Here are some of the best ways you can market your Santa Rosa rental home.

Start with Professional-Level Photos 

Tenants are going to scroll through the photos before they read the words. Make sure you keep them interested by providing high-quality, detailed photos. Don’t post one or two shots; include as many as you can. A good listing will include photos of the front of the property as well as any outdoor space. There should be a picture of the kitchen, the living area, and the bedrooms and bathrooms. Include any special details such as backsplash behind the sinks or a walk-in closet. 

You don’t necessarily have to hire a professional photographer (although this isn’t a bad idea). Just make sure you’re getting good shots, with plenty of light and all the best angles. Clean the property up before you start taking marketing photos. No one wants to see debris on the counter tops or clutter on the floors.

Keep Your Descriptions Concise but Informative 

Every word counts because the description that goes with your photos needs to be informative but not too long. Prospective tenants won’t be interested in reading paragraphs. Use strong adjectives to get your message across. Include important information such as rental amount and the security deposit amount. Make sure you reference when the home will be ready for occupancy and whether you permit pets. Include your contact information and instructions for scheduling a showing. 

Always be mindful of fair housing language. Don’t say things in your listing that could seem discriminatory. It’s no longer acceptable to advertise that your home is not suitable for Section 8 tenants. 

Syndicate Your Online Listings 

Online advertising is going to generate the most interest in your Santa Rosa rental property. Make sure it’s showing up on sites like Zillow, Zumper,, HotPads, Trulia, and Rent Café. It will be incredibly time-consuming to place an ad on every single rental site. Try to access some technology that will allow you to post the ad in one place and then have it syndicated across a broad network of listing sites. A Santa Rosa property manager can help with this.

Offline Marketing Ideas 

While online advertising is really where it’s at, there still may be good reasons to post a For Rent sign at the property. If there are a lot of people walking or driving through your neighborhood, a yard sign could get their attention. Perhaps a neighbor knows someone looking for a rental property. Make sure the sign is professional and includes your contact information as well as quick details like number of bedrooms and baths as well as the rental amount.

Offline Marketing Ideas You can also talk to relocation companies in the area. They may be tasked with finding good rental homes for the local companies and universities who are moving people into the area for a temporary contract. Make sure they know you have a home to rent.

These are a few of the best marketing ideas we use. If you’d like some help marketing, leasing, and managing your Santa Rosa rental property, please contact us at Redwood Residential.