Why Communication with your Santa Rosa Property Management Company is Key to Maximizing your ROI on your Investment - article banner

Communication, to be effective, must flow in more than one direction. As your Santa Rosa property managers, we work hard to be responsive, available, and accessible to our owners and tenants. Whether you have a question about an invoice or your tenant needs immediate maintenance help – we’re here.

The same spirit of open and transparent communication is required on your end, especially if you’re hoping to maximize the ROI on your investment property.

Here’s why it’s so important.

Property Owners Need to Be Informed

You need to know what’s going on at your Santa Rosa rental property and how it’s performing. With a solid property management partner in place, you may not feel the need to ask a lot of questions or dig for a lot of information. That’s understandable. However, you still want to know when one tenant gives notice or another tenant is approved. You need to know if there’s a problem at the home or if tenants are late in paying rent and it’s time to talk about eviction.

Your property manager will handle every incident that occurs, and you don’t need to know about every minor thing that happens. However, there are some things that require your attention and participation. It matters to your earnings. For example, when it’s time for a tenant to renew a lease agreement, you’ll want to talk to your management company about whether a rental increase is warranted and if so, how much.

Communication and information leads to better ROI.

Property Owners Need to Make Decisions

If a maintenance emergency occurs at your rental property, you can count on your property managers to mitigate the damage, get the necessary vendors out there, and ensure your tenant and your property is safe. There’s not much for you to do.

But, you’ll have to be available when big investment decisions have to be made.

For example, if floors are damaged do you want to install the same carpet that was there before or would you prefer to upgrade to hard surface flooring that’s easier to maintain and more attractive to tenants? During a renewal, you’ll have to communicate your plans for the property to your management company. Maybe you want to sell that property. If you don’t communicate that to your management team, they might move forward with new lease negotiations.

Be prepared to respond to your property manager when questions need to be answered and decisions need to be made.

Tips on Better Communication

When you’re working with great Santa Rosa property managers, you can count on them to lead the way when it comes to good communication practices. Here’s how you can be a great owner to work with:

  • Keep your contact information up to date so we can reach you when necessary.
  • Check in with your online portal once in a while so you aren’t surprised by information we share with you.
  • Talk to us about your investment goals. The market is always changing, and we want to help you leverage what you own and what you earn by responding to the shifts and trends.

Santa Rosa property managersWe value communication on our team, and we work best with owners and tenants who have that same value. If you’d like to hear more about the impact good communication has on your investment properties, please contact us at Redwood Residential Property Management.