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Your Santa Rosa rental property’s market value and profitability largely depend on how well you have kept it. If you’ve been practicing DIY maintenance or have unlicensed contractors working on your property to save a few bucks, you might end up inviting heavier expenses, longer vacancies, and a low price for your rental. It is always best to get the work done by licensed professionals who are efficient and well-trained to handle your property’s maintenance and remodeling activities. 

Here are some of the most significant benefits of hiring licensed contractors for your Santa Rosa rental property.

Licensed Contractors Are Qualified

A license demonstrates that the contractors have taken professional training and can provide the best services for your property. They’re qualified to understand the core of the problem, repair the issue using proper tools and techniques, and take adequate safety measures to ensure nobody is harmed during or after the process. 

They Are Aware Of The Local Maintenance Issues

Licensed contractors know the potential issues of Redwood rental properties, especially those occurring due to weather conditions. For example, your local licensed contractors will know that winters in Santa Rosa can occasionally be extremely cold, and the property may even experience winter storms. Hence they won’t schedule renovating tasks during such times. 

They’re also aware of the typical maintenance issues in the city, like foundation walls or slab floor problems, roof installation, and can tell you about the types of paint, wallpapering, or furniture that will suit your unit. As you develop a strong professional relationship with them, they may even offer to make those upgrades for your property at reasonable prices.  

They Comply With The Laws

Contractors are required to abide by the state and federal laws while reconstructing your Santa Rosa rental property. Licensed repairs and maintenance specialists are better aware of the legal implications, like drafting a detailed contract describing the required and planned improvements, the start date, the anticipated end date, and your rights to cancel the contract in a limited time. Besides, they can deal efficiently with the crucial permits, liabilities, and building codes to protect you from any legal troubles.  

They Save Your Time

You can save a substantial amount of time when you hand over the project to a trusted contractor as you won’t have to allocate different tasks to different trade workers on your own. Plus, they plan out the projects beforehand, assign the tasks to respective trade workers, give you an estimated completion time, and deliver by the promised date. 

They also consider potential obstacles like lockdowns or unavailability of sub-contractors. They often have alternative strategies that help them complete the tasks by the given date, thus saving you from the hassle of finding contractors at the eleventh hour. Also, their quality of work ensures that the repairs last for long, preventing frequent maintenance issues in your unit. 

They Are Insured

Licensed contractors most often carry insurance certificates, which is crucial considering the nature of their job. 

  • General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance covers the claims due to bodily injuries or property damages for which the contractors are responsible. It is particularly essential because the risk of fall hazards and other on-site accidents is high in such settings.

  • Contractor License Bond

Licensed contractors in California have a $15,000 contractor license bond to ensure that they provide the promised services and pay for the equipment and labor work required for the tasks. This is highly beneficial when you plan big-budget renovations and do not have any extra cash in hand.

  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Worker’s compensation insurance protects the employees and the labor workers from lost wages or injuries. This insurance is a social contract between the management and the labor; hence it is considered social insurance.

  • Professional Liability Insurance

The Professional Liability Insurance covers any job mistakes that might change the project’s outcome while reconstructing or fixing the property. Faults like incorrect roof installation or an unwanted paint-job can be extremely costly and can take a substantial amount from your savings if your contractor isn’t insured with coverage.

Licensed Contractors Can Provide Emergency Assistance

Certified contractors know that responding to your urgent requests and resolving the issues on priority is a part of their job. They most often work with a team of certified sub-contractors, trade workers, and vendors. In case of an emergency, like a leaky roof or a broken pipe, you can rely on these professionals to resolve the issue immediately rather than waste time seeking immediate assistance from unreliable contractors. 

They Keep You Updated About Your Santa Rosa Home

Licensed contractors will keep you posted about every little change made in your unit. They will also give you details like the number of people working on the property, the names of the sub-contractors, and the progress made. Additionally, if they make a mistake, they will discuss it with you and let you know how long it will take to resolve the problem.  

They Provide Cost-Effective Services

Licensed contractors typically work with a defined fee structure. They already have a quote ready for all the tasks like repairs, roof installation, or window replacements, among others. Licensed contractors charge nearly 10% to 20% of the total construction project cost for construction. They are great at negotiating with the suppliers and vendors and know how to make the entire team work efficiently.  

On the other hand, unlicensed contractors cannot be trusted with the pricing. They might offer different quotes for similar tasks to their clients or even overcharge for simple repairs. In some instances, they could buy specific equipment for your home repairs and charge you for the equipment too.  

Licensed Contractors Are Well-Equipped

Repair EquipmentUnlicensed contractors tend to make the repairs with the help of the equipment they already have, even if it’s not suitable, and may cause further damage to your asset. On the other hand, licensed contractors have access to all the types of equipment that may be required for a given project. They even handle larger equipment or machines with the same efficiency as using simpler instruments like vise-grips or combination pliers. They also have a thorough knowledge of different tools, thus reducing the chances of on-site accidents and saving you from liabilities.

Qualified contractors know how to break down re-construction or renovation projects to simple, more manageable tasks. They understand the big picture yet get it accomplished much more easily with the help of their contacts and resources.

Finding a suitable contractor for your Santa Rosa property all on your own might not be an easy task. Hence, we recommend you work with property managers. Property managers know the local rental market in and out. They have a strong network with the best licensed contractors in town and can easily help you associate with them.

Work with the most reputed property management company in Santa Rosa, Redwood Residential Property Management. We are associated with the best licensed contractors in the city who can work to better your rental most cost-effectively. We aim at making your journey as a landlord hassle-free and successful.

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