Crime Prevention: Ways to Make You and Your Tenants Feel Safe - Article Banner

When crimes are committed, three things need to be present for the perpetrator to be successful: desire, ability, and opportunity. You can’t control another person’s desire or ability to do something to your property. But you can control their opportunity. 

That’s what we’re focusing on when we talk about preventing crime. 

You may think you have everything in place that you need to provide a safe and habitable Santa Rosa rental property. When we think about safety, however, we need to consider more than functional smoke detectors and sturdy handrails. We also have to think about the potential for criminals to break into your property, vandalize your property, or steal from your property.  

Rental homes can be targeted by thieves and vandals, especially when they’re vacant or your tenant is away from home. 

Here are a few things you can do to prevent crime at your rental home, protecting your tenants and your asset.

Look for Opportunities at your Santa Rosa Rental Home

Criminals are more likely to target homes that are dark and empty. Homes that have a lot of lighting and show signs of ongoing activity are less attractive. You’ll want to evaluate and update the exterior lighting around your property. Motion lights can be an excellent crime deterrent, and there should always be a light that leads from the street or parking area directly to the front door. You don’t want your tenants walking through darkness when they’re getting home at night. 

Talk to tenants about keeping a light or two on inside even when they’re not home. You want criminals to think that the property is occupied.

You’ll also want to keep trees and bushes trimmed back from windows and doors. Don’t give someone an opportunity to hide while approaching the house. 

Consider Santa Rosa Security Upgrades

Alarm systems can be useful for owners and tenants. You can provide the connectivity and tenants can decide if they want to hook up the alarm and pay for the monthly fee. Or, if you really want to protect your home and you’re concerned about it being vacant and vulnerable – install the best security system for your home, and keep it turned on throughout the tenancy and any potential vacancy. 

Smart home technology has become more popular than ever, and it’s not just because of ease and convenience. It also keeps properties more secure. Video doorbells are sophisticated and popular. They give tenants the opportunity to see who is outside the property before opening the door. These real-time videos can be saved in case there is a break-in and they can also be accessed when the resident is away from home. 

Conduct Routine Safety Inspections

inspection When the property is occupied, you don’t want to be a nuisance to your tenants. But, you do want to check for safety issues from time to time and make sure the property is secure. An inspection once during the tenancy is reasonable, and it will provide a chance for you to check the lights and look for potential issues. 

We also recommend driving or walking through the neighborhood once in a while. This will keep you in touch with the neighborhood itself and let you know if there are any safety issues that may need to be addressed. Follow crime reports and statistics for your area. You want to know when there’s an increase in break-ins or thefts in the neighborhood. Pass this information onto the tenants without alarming them. Explain the importance of being vigilant and proactive when it comes to preventing criminal behavior. 

If you need some help making your Santa Rosa rental property as crime-proof as possible, please contact us at Redwood Residential Property Management. We’d be happy to share additional tips.