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Enhancing the curb appeal of a rental is the key to attracting quality tenants. Unfortunately, both lack of creativity and funds often keep Santa Rosa landlords from improving the look and feel of their property.  But what if we say that improving the curb appeal can be an easy task, managed with least effort to obtain great results? Here are five effortless ways that can help you to improve the curb appeal of your Santa Rosa property.

1. Paint Your Santa Rosa Property

Painting the interior and exterior of the place is one of the easiest ways to uplift the curb appeal of a home, making your property look brand new. It is a quick fix as the paint job won’t take more than 2-5 days, depending upon the size of your property. However, choose the type and the shade wisely, as you are planning to rent out the place. Choose a neutral color palette that is aesthetic and pleasing. Avoid using garish colors or decorating the place as per your personal taste.

  • Use A Good Color Scheme

Study the trending color themes and bring out the best features of your Santa Rosa property. Some of the best color combinations for the exteriors are:

  • Two-tone Olive 
  • Straw and Sage 
  • Putty and Gray
  • Red and Black
  • Gray and Blue
  • Burgundy and Blue
  • Charcoal and Lime 

For interiors, you can never go wrong with our pure white, delicate white, classic gray, repose gray, sea salt, or Swiss coffee.

Make sure that the color combinations in all the rooms match well and that the interiors and exterior shades also complement each other. Also, consider what finishing suits the paint. Some prominent types are satin, matte, eggshell, high gloss, or low gloss finishes.

  • Weather-Proof Paint Can Go a Long Way

You can choose from the different types of paints like latex or acrylic, which are water-based, or oil-based paints like enamel and alkyd. When choosing a paint, select the most durable paint that can go a long way, like distemper, emulsion, luster, or enamel.

Water-based paints are more flexible, and they can contract or expand with the weather, and hence the chances of cracks are less. On the other hand, oil-based paint dries harder and can resist wear and tear better than any other paint. 

Apply the primer paint before the color coat for better adhesion of paint to the walls. Instead of using a separate primer and paint, choose from one of the primer-and-paint formulas that are popular in the market these days. They are cost-efficient, easy to apply, and sustainable. 

2. Illuminate the Exteriors of Your Santa Rosa Home

The first impression is the last impression is a saying that often applies to rental units. How your property looks from the outside is the basis for expectations for the inside. In fact, many properties gain word-of-mouth publicity because they have a beautiful exterior. Here are some simple tips to enhance the exterior spaces of your Santa Rosa rental in a quick and effortless manner.

  • Use Some Exterior Spotlights

Exterior spotlights of warm or cool colors make your property appear elegant and sophisticated. The property becomes clearly visible even at night and gains the attention of the passers-by even during the dark hours. Besides, adding spotlights is a quick task and takes only a couple of days.

  • Add Sconces or Lanterns for an Aesthetic Feel

While sconces offer an elegant look and warm feel to the house, lanterns give it a subtle, vintage look. Both these options can help uplift the look of the exterior effortlessly. The best part is that they can be easily fixed with screws and nails and you can be as creative as you like with the lanterns. You can install both or either, as suitable for your property and budget.

  • Light-Up the Walkways

Houses with walkway lights look luxurious and welcoming. Besides, they also make the tenants’ lives convenient. It does not take long to fix durable lights in the lawn, around the gates, or along the walkway shades. To avoid the difficulties of wiring these lights in the yard, you can choose to install solar-powered lights instead.

3. Create a Statement with Stylish Doors and Windows 

Doors and windows can make or break the impression of your house so, don’t miss out on upgrading these. Take a look at how you can use simple techniques to either refurnish or change the front doors, gates, and windows. 

  • Upgrade Your Front Door

The front door is practically the first thing that potential renters notice most about the place, so it needs to be welcoming. Try adding a fresh coat of paint in classic colors. Smoothen the wood and add a coat of wood polish to make it look glossy and new. Even adding a French or classic door handle can make a substantial difference. 

If you are planning on changing the door altogether, you can always go for classic wooden doors. If you want to be a little creative, adding a Spanish or Greek door can make the entrance look very appealing. Once you choose the design, installing a new door can be done in 5-6 hours. Creative peepholes can also make the front door look charming.

  • Install New Hardware

If the existing doors are in good condition, fixing or replacing the broken knobs can be an easy and helpful option. If the theme of your home allows, you can install vinyl door wallpapers that can give the room a classic entrance. The door upgrades wouldn’t take you more than a few hours but can make a long-lasting difference to the aesthetics of your home. 

  • Install Window Boxes or Replacement Windows 

If the windows are in a good state, then consider giving the grills a fresh coat of paint or replacing the latches to match the new doorknobs. Adding window boxes is the quickest way to make the home look dreamy and attractive. Just make sure that you don’t place plants that attract bees through the windows.

  • Don’t Miss Out on the Main Entrance Gate and the Garage Door.

Don’t forget to upgrade the gate. If you have painted the home, we suggest also getting the gate painted so that the property looks even better. If there are problems like broken handles, grills, or rusted screws, fix them at the earliest. If you are installing a new gate, go for durable options like a composite gate, iron gate, or wooden gate. 

Old, rusted, or broken garage doors can put off prospective tenants right away. You can replace them with sturdy doors like vinyl, steel, wood composite, or aluminum. If the garage doors are intact, paint them with a fine color to add a fresh look.

4. Curb Appeal Ideas for the Front Porch of Your Santa Rosa Property

A beautiful front porch can boost the curb appeal of your Santa Rosa greatly and you need not spend days or months improving it. Use these simple ideas to make the space more useful and attractive for the tenants, within a day or two. 

If you have a small front porch, don’t leave it empty or dull. Here’s how you can make the most out of the limited space:

  • Paint the railings
  • Plant some floral climbers by the railings
  • Place small plant pots 
  • Add a rug 
  • Add creative artifacts depending upon the size of the porch and your budget


  • Compliment The Porch with Warm Seating or a Swing

Tenants like it when there is comfortable seating on the porch. You can place simple patio furniture, hardwood furniture, or warm couch sets on the porch. Adding a small swing or a hammock can also make your property look impressive at first sight. 

5. Landscaping Ideas for Improved Curb Appeal

Living in a house with a beautiful garden is almost every tenant’s dream. Working on the landscaping can truly make your Santa Rosa property a dream home for many.

  • Add Fresh Mulch to Your Garden

Mixed rocks and bark mulches are a great and sustainable way of keeping your garden fresh. Mulch throttles weeds, and keeps the soil cool and the roots of all the plants moist. The best part is, it makes the garden look very attractive without a lot of effort.

  • Ensure That the Yard Is Trimmed and Green 

You might have plants or shrubs in the garden and you must also ensure that you trim and water them regularly. Make sure that there are no overgrown plants that disturb the look of the garden. Also, check if the grass is fresh and green, and that there are no dry yellow patches.

  • Consider Seasonal Landscaping

Seasonal plants can make your garden look very appealing and exuberant. They bloom beautifully in their seasons and require very low maintenance. Consider planting Santa Rosa’s seasonal plants like ruby star and autumn fire.

These are a few simple tricks to effortlessly improve your property’s curb appeal. But you can save even more effort by letting a professional like a property manager handle your rental. Property managers know the local trends and can suggest the best and most cost-effective upgrades to enhance the curb appeal of your property. 

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